Mango shake with Milk

Mango shake with Milk

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Today i spent some time in kitchen and prepared Mango shake and i really enjoyed it in the ifatar because it

was very hot today and i was thinking for some refreshment so i purchased some good quality mangoes and 1

liter Olper Milk ,you know Mango milk shake is is a cool and tempting fruit drink prepared by simply blending

ripe mango pieces , milk and sugar.

To keep thing simple and easy , this recipe primarily explains how to make mango shake with ,
First of all i have washed all the mangoes and then cut into small pieces after i blend it for 5 mins

and then i have add milk into and some sugar.

Now the drink is ready, add some ice cubes and enjoy this drink.

Nice .... mango drink is tasty it also it gives alot of energy. In Sha Allah today I will also try this

Thanks for replying yeah it is a very nice drink specially it is good for health .try it.

Did you pour milk at the end? I add milk at the very start of the process. I think blending it for just a minute would be sufficient. What do you say?

I like this drink and in ramazan this drink become very good for covers all the weakness of the Roza.