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Lemon is a fabulous antiseptic and lime water juice also works wonders for people

having heart problems owing to its high potassium content.

So make it a part of daily routine to drink a glass of water with lemon ans some salt.

You need to drink it in the morning you will feel change in your body.

Lemon contain approximately 10 % carbs , lemon are very rich in vitamin C ,

and also a decent source of potassium.

Lemon are using for weight loss and also for a healthy skin.
We use lemon in different purposes when low blood pressure add lemon and salt in water a

drink, it is good for low B.P. .
We use it in salads also on our foods. if we use it regular it prevents from kidney stones.

Lemon juice can help us reducing the fat content of human body when taken on daily basis. It is indeed a great fruit.