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Assalam o Allikum ,
Wishing a fantastic , fabulous ,and super duper Eid ul fitr Greetings.

To all the members and staff of Chillkey Dot Com.

May you have as sweet day as honey.

May Allah All might shower his infinite blessing upon all of you and your families.

Don't forget to help poor and needy people in this also give some time and money to those people

who need your help.

Distribute your FITRANA among all the poor people.

And try to give your FITRANA in raisin or in Dates.

May Allah give you and your family all the blessing of Ramazan and Eid ul fitr.

Enjoy your Eid ul Fitr and Remember me in your pryers.
Once again a very happy Eid Mubarak.

Eid Mubarik to you and your family. I wish the same to you word by word. Remember us in your prayers.

Thanks alot for your wishes . Same to you brother. Eid Mubarak From my side