Chief of the Army Staff Gen Raheel Shareef

Chief of the Army Staff Gen Raheel Shareef

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Iam feeling proud that iam going to write about the Chief of the Army staff of Pakistan Gen Raheel Shareef.My words are not enough to describe the personality of this man.
Gen Raheel sharif's family background is very great .His brother Major Shabeer Sharif and his uncle (from mother side) gave their lives for Pakistan.I really feel a great respect for his family because there is no family like his family.I say bless on that mother whose one son gave his life for Pakistan and 2nd is Gen Raheel Sharif who is chief of Pakistan Army Staff.
Under the leadership of Gen Raheel sharif Pakistan signed many contracts with China , it was the great success of Pakistan.
He played an important role against the war in terrorism.
I wrote few words about Gen Raheel these words are not enough to describe his personality.

Indeed General Raheel is a great chief. His services about war on terror are remarkable.

Yes, you are right. He is a great man for Pakistan. I like him very much.Pakistan needs him.

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