An Evening with kids.

An Evening with kids.

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Yesterday i planned to visit a nearly park in my home town with kids,all the kids were excited to

go there and spend some time so we start the journey on bike we sit 6 people on the

bike 5 kids and me it is journey of 10 mins from our home.

We purchased some chips and a Pepsi, it was a nice evening and the park was full of kids

They all start playing there and enjoying there self.

All the 5 cousin enjoyed with each other and they take photos.

At the end they sit under an Orange tree and enjoyed Lays Chips with Pepsi.

Finally we return to home and all the kids were very happy and on all the way ,

they were talking to each other about the beauty of the park.

Pic source own camera.

I would like to know name of the park. What is the location of the park? Its name?

Sher Zaman Sher on the main road.

As Salam Alaikum. The thing I noticed in this article is that you are a kind and loving person . May Allah bless you