Some Suggestions for the improvement of

Some Suggestions for the improvement of

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"Chillkey" is a nice platform for writing short articles and I think the admin is trying to improve it in near future but I would like to give some suggestions that are as follows:

1 - Chillkey lacks bold, italic and underline buttons
2 - Dividing our text in multiple paragraphs is also a tricky job here as we have to type special codes for this purpose
3(a) - Spammers and Plagiarists have attacked the site and hope chilkey takes some action agaisnt them
3(b) - Chilkey must expel them and announce the news here on this site to provide a better lesson.

These are the changes that I want to see here and of course they will make our job easier at this platform. I want this site to flourish. [p/]

Yes. All the spammers must be banned. I have started a movement for this here on Chillkey. Also I have written an article on types of spammers.

nice to give this suggestion thanks my dear, keep maintaining ...............................!

mykk, thanks for you suggestion, we are not accepting any kind of violations here, the post and accounts of some spammers are deleted you may have absorbed that. About the Content management tips and tweaks are given while posting i will show you here as example 1-For making text bold use this [b] your text goes here which to make bold[/b] 2-For making text italic [i] text to make italic[/i] similarly you can alsp use tags e.g single tag [t] chillkey pakistan[/t] Multuiple tags at end of post [t] pakistan,chillkey,ilovesnow[/t]

Good suggestions. I wish they are taken care of.