Me And Bubblews.Com

Me And Bubblews.Com

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Pakistan – Must Read This Post.

I Need Attention: -

1. Mr. President

2. Mr. Founder & C.E.O

3. Official Members

&Bubblews - Before I start, I would excuse in advance as it is possible that anyone of you may not like my lines here am going to state.

First, I know you all are busy in providing quality services (I admire your qualities, skills and appreciate this platform) – I know, you are not only young but really a different company in its own style, no doubt - I know your working staff there in &Bubblews is also small to handle the issues, related to payments, cheaters etc.

What I have to share here, are few questions to this platform and I hope that would surely be dealt professionally because being a part of this platform I think I deserve listening.

&Bubblews – in the starting when I joined this site I came to know that you are really paying against the time of a user one invests here, I appreciate, knowing this was one of the superb experience ever for me as it is the one only site to take such step, wishing you all more and more.

Soon after spending one month here I realized that this site is really working and growing that compelled me to invite more of my friends, family and relatives and they joined while none of us received any payment.

Later on, I hear things like that &Bubblews isn’t paying to users from Pakistan because of Paypal even if they have verified accounts, like our relatives are there in European Countries and we emailed their accounts still issuing payments was stopped, it’s also fine, doesn’t matter, it happens, managing things at once isn’t possible for newly internet born baby.

But &Bubblews – don’t you think it would be better to confirm things before launching this site and allowing its usage in countries where you can’t pay the users? – Please consider it just a question, not criticism.

Or you should not have allowed users from such countries, while on the other hand enlisting Payoneer or any other alternate is the solution, I mean now-a-days am watching advertisements of products of Pakistan on this site like Meezan Bank PK – National Foods PK – is it still fair with us that &Bubblews earning from a country and can’t pay to the users of same country?

Well, problems I mentioned above could also have some technical reasons that I may not get, or things may be not, like I understood, there are possibilities.

Last night wondering on &Bubblews I witnessed an official post regarding delay in payments, reading such posts brings peace in the minds of users who are facing such issues, this must be practiced at-least one after one that makes us feel, you are listening, I appreciate again.

Well what discouraged me is a post of an official of &Bubblews (link mentioned below, must see please) – I was surprised to see that the issue of payments is related to two countries but Pakistan is not considered for an attention post, the post of this official is titled as “Attention Vietnam Users” while Pakistan was also addressed in that, not more than five in lines.

Issued By Official Member

I mean, don’t we deserve even an attention post, why? – If you guys don’t want us to use this site, block it for us, block it for Pakistan, simple – If we don’t even deserve an attention post, if we don’t deserve listening, if you don’t want to address our issues then why don’t you ask us officially to stop using site, why the site is enjoying traffic and advertisements from this country? – Is this just a real issue or politics behind such steps, you are not even talking about any alternate way of paying till unknown time period?

You have your rules, we are following, we work with you, so it’s your responsibility to address our issues and solve the problems that are on your task list.

Users from Pakistan like me, invested their time facing countless problems and the reward is that we are not replied with an relaxing statements and post, I mean you have no plans for this country, no deadline to introduce any other way of issuing payments, no proper communication, why?

I personally have recently reported about such Facebook groups where more 10,000 users are cheating with this site, users are not only from Pakistan, there are users of some other countries also, so why is it so just with us?

I suggest, you must cancel registrations of users from Pakistan or address us in a proper way that do you have any plans for us or we should stop working here?

Very professionally written friend. I think this the time to forget about Bubblews and let us focus CHILLKEY and help to grow our own Pakistani web.

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How Can I Click Your Comments And Follow Mates, There Are No Options, What Should I Do To Reach Your Profiles Here, Am A New One Here On This Site, Not Getting How To Use This Site.

Bubblews is a scam website. All they do is scam people. They never pay anyone esp from Pakistan.

well said, I was thinking on the same lines. bubblews is still getting views and benfits from Pakistan.