The Last Evening Of My Life

The Last Evening Of My Life

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It was the month of June and every thing was going well. I was coming back home from work , it wasn't that much hot this evening , it was a little problem with the traffic as usual but my mood was in acceptable position. Just before entering my house I saw a fruit seller and buy some fruits for my family . When I arrived home I realise that my family was gone to visit my uncle's family in Swat. Oh it means I was alone.
I swith on the fan and sit on the chair for relaxation. I Was tired of work so the silence in the home due to absence of my family was giving a relaxing environment.Though the sound of fan was breaking this silence but was acceptable.

Suddenly I realize that I am feeling pain in my left hand and chest but no it was the pain in my heart . Oh my God it was heart attack. As soon as I taught that I am going to die I were making my self ready for it but wait .

There is no one home but that doesn't matter I haven't perform my Asar prayers yet not even a single prayer in that whole day. Oh I was crying and shouting Ya Allah give me some time to devide my extra money in poor people and to make Tauba of every sin I do. But there was no chance! I cry and shouted oh Allah please give me a chance I will never do sin again, will never let Salah missed, will never shout on my parents and will take alot of care of my wife ...... but a total waste.

Nothing works, Only at that time I realise that I spent my whole life in Un necessary things . I earn money in a bad way. And earn for others to left it when I am dying.

No body will answer for my Sins and no body will come with me to company me in my grave. Those moments were very very harsh which can't be describe in words .

And I Died that evening.

Suddenly I was shocked and got up. Saw the fruits laing on table, rubbing my eyes. Alhamdulillah it was an imagination but it was true one and we have faith in it. I learn alot frim this and onwards I am always trying my best to avoid Sins and obey all Islamic orders.

May Allah make us ready for death before it come.

Akhtar Shaid

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welcome brother to the chillkey dot com forum i hope you will enjoy here, my all best wishes with you best of luck.

Thanks for your best wishes and I hope I will also enjoy my stay here. I hope you will support me in future also

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