Say No To Dowry (Jahez)

Say No To Dowry (Jahez)

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It's always difficult to write articles about social problems because it's our bad luck that many people in our society ignore these articles. They may want these things go on in same way or in the other words many of us are directly involved in these activities.

Dear readers today I wants to highlight a very bad practice going on in our society which is called Jahez.

According to my studies Jahez itself is not a bad thing because every man wants to give his daughter all what he can afford to comfort her life in new family but according to his expenses. The wrong side of this practice comes into play when the second party demands and even they hand over a list of things to the girl's father to bring all they want.

My message is for the youth of our society as have a lot of young readers to play there role in ending this nonreligious and bad practice of dowry.

And make a promise to yourself that you will convince your elders to not make any demands from your in laws.

I don't mean not to take what they afford to give because it's a girl's right to take what her parents can afford but please help poor people by ending this Jahez system and for sure you will live a better life.

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By ... Akhtar
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Yes, I do agree with you. Demanding cars and pieces of land is not a good practice and needs to be eliminated as soon as possible.