My 1st 100 Post Views On Chillkey

My 1st 100 Post Views On Chillkey

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By Akhtarwriter
Date 11/08/16

Alhamdulillah I could manage to have my 1st hundred views on my post on

My aim of this article is to show my attention and attachment to this site and to motivate new users to continue here because I enjoyed a lot here. And secondly I thanks all the admins who motivate me by not suspending my accout.

Dear readers ! I found some good people over here . Although I don't know them personally and even I don't know their real names but thanks again to who give me a chance to find them here .
I will definitely mention them here . First I met a user here whose I'd is Shafeeq and then I got another honest person having I'd with the name mykk.

Thanks to them with a lot of Duas and respect.

There are many other good writers here but not possible to mention them all. For new users I will give a message that we can use this site as a social media also . We can learn from others experience and can improve our English skills here , as I am feeling of mine to be improved a little.

You will be having a question about payment but yet I haven't reached the minimum payout so not paid yet and can't guarantee you about that.

I start using this site for earnings but now I visit here just to find some useful stuff and to share my own experience and knowledge with you people. Thanks to you all for reading my articles and for giving me response.

I hope you do Like my articles .
I tried my best to share some good stuff with you.

Any complaint about my material on are open to be claimed. And your advices are always welcomed.

Dear brother you are doing very well on this site keep it up.

Have u ever withdraw any amount from here.... I am new member .. your guidness is require... Best of luck... Keep posting

My dear friend, you have got an inborn talent to write. I enjoy your posts. Don't worry about the payment as the admins here are very quick in this regard. You just need to touch the minimum threshold and consider your job done.

dear chilkey fellow i have read few of your posts and i am not just flattering i really enjoyed the stuff :) you have got skills just keep polishing them waiting for your more upcoming articles

Assalam alaikum dear .. MashaAllah that's great ... I'm new user so please like and comment on my post. I'll like your more posts and as well coment also