Madina The beautiful

Madina The beautiful

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It was almost an year ago when I was working in Eastern city of Dammam in Saudi Arabia. I plan to perform Umra and to visit the Holy city of Madina .
After a long journey we reached Makkah and perform Umra with the help and grace of Allah
And after staying one day there we start moving towards Madina.

It was a full of Blessings stay in Makkah also but as I mention Madina in title so will explain the feeling of being there in Madina.

After reaching there we pay tribute as Durud O SALAM. To our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW and saw his Rudha Mubarak. It was a feeling which can't be described in words. After that we visit many Islamic historical places mention below.
1 . Masjid E Quba. The first ever Masjid in Islam.

3 . Riyaz Ul Jan nah. The grave yard in which thousands of companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW are buried including our Mother . Wife of MuhammadSAW.

Jabl E U had . A mountain on which the famous battle of Islam was fought .

Masjid E Qiblatain. The Masjid in which during Salah Muhammad SAW was ordered to change his Qibla from Bait Ul Muqaddas to Kaaba.

There are many other historical places also. May Allah help you all to visit these places.

If you don't have expenses. Take care of your parents and I swear of Allah taking care of your parents are more valuable than Hajj and Umra.

Photo. Taken by me. From my personal gallery

very nice article yes Madina is a very beautiful place ,Allah help every muslim to visit these places.

Aameen. And thanks for your appreciation. You will enjoy my articles. Keep reading

@Akhtar Saeed, Madina and Makkah are two great cities. You are lucky to be there. You have a great chance of performing Hajjs and Umras.