Knowledge Is Power But ?????

Knowledge Is Power But ?????

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Today I wanna tell you the worst truth I have discovered in my twenty seven years of life. When I was a child and was sent to school and Masjid to learn, so the first lesson I learn was that knowledge ""education" is power.

Yes of coarse it's a power in reality but the world changes itself .... oh sorry we change the world in a manner that now in our societies every thing is going opposite and without doing that we cannot survive.

Yes really you guess right... "Knowledge is power but money is super power"
You may have objections and yeah I told you in reality it's a worst thing to say but Imagine you are well qualified and trying to get a job... will you get it on first attempt even you are capable and on marrit.

I guess you have an answer with a big "NO" and that's because of that corruption we have in our organisations. They will take money and select a person who will not even of the same proffesion.

I have hundreds of examples but can't write more because truth is always bitter.

Note: All the taughts and views expressed in this article are my personal expressions. You have the right to say it wrong.

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