Iftaar Party Makes Me Cry. An Important Article

Iftaar Party Makes Me Cry. An Important Article

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It was last Friday when our friends planned an Iftaar party on the beautiful beach of Jeddah {City In Saudi Arabia} .Every arrangment was exactly to the Plan and we were waiting for the Maghrib Azan to start our dinner.

The things dramatically changed just a few minutes before Iftaar. when I saw alot of food of many types with fruits and cold drinks for just few of us.

You know why? Because when I saw a lot of food in front of me , it diverts my mind towards those poor people who even in Ramadan can't arrange food for their families. And the food we are served with are more expensive than a whole month of expenses of those poor people of our society .

Instead of being happy in that party I feel ashamed and start crying on myself. Asking my self am I that much senseless? Why can't I feel the pain of those people who are poor than me? Am I blind ?

Yes in Islamic views all the above questions are fit on me in Yes.
My friends! status is nothing .

If we think that visiting expensive hotels , wearing branded dresses and walk in lather shoes will show that we belongs to a rich and high class family so it's wrong. Because a high class person is only the one who have a heart with mercy , have good manners, help others and perform his all religious duties.

So please let's try to make Allah happy by helping others because Allah says He help those who help others. Don't shy while eating in a normal hotel and if you have more money take food for those who begs on the footpath nearby. Take dress for them who don't have to wear new clothes next Eid and be a source of spreading happiness.

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You seem to be a very humble person who cares for the poor s. We must donate something in this holy month. Your post conveys a great message.

Thanks a lot for your kind words . Mykk . And ofcoarse if we donate some thing in this moth we will be blessed more