Friendship Day

Friendship Day

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Writer: Akhtar
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Date : 8/8/16

It may sounds strange but there is no concept of highlighting love by a specific day in friendship because every day belongs to our friends.

I don't know how you describe friends but according to me the one who is always there for you in any condition of your life.. is your friend. He or she might be one of your parents , I can find one in my wife and of course there is no love better then the love from a brother. It's not an end , we have friends in offices , work sites, educational institutions and even in a cofee shop. And that's why I say every day belongs to friends and every day is a friendship day for me.

We celebrate valentines day with whom? Yes you got it right he or she is one of the best of our friends..... Why we celebrate brothers day? The answer is ...he is our best friend ever we have and same as all. Mothers day, father's day and even I celebrate labours day because I have a lot of friends from them also.

So enjoy your life and have a good friendship day. Don't forget to guide me by commenting on my article.

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