Eid Special Post🌙

Eid Special Post🌙

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Alhamdulillah ! It was another great opportunity {Ramazan} provided by Almighty Allah to wash out our sins and to have Blessings from his Mercy. May Allah accept our worships, prayers and all the good deeds performed by us in this holy month.

Now finally we are in EID. The gifted happiness days for all Muslim community.

The only thing to mention here is that.... The Eid is not a festival , it's an Islamic set of days for which we have orders and instructions to follow ... No! I don't mean that don't celebrate it , I mean to celebrate it according to Islamic orders.

The first order for Eid Ul Fitar is Sadqa Fitar. I hope you paid it , if not go ahead and pay it as soon as you can and make it sure that you are giving money of Allah to those who are eligible for this .

I want to write alot about this topic but I know readers of this article are well educated and they have alot of knowledge but I just want to memories with you that if we have spent thousands in shopping for Eid to make it the happiest Eid so the poor people of our society also deserve to be happy these days.

Please come ahead and help them in any way you can. In cash , in gifting them clothes or shoes or even helping them with few Rupees by giving as Eidi to their children.

I Swear by Allah it will double your happiness and you will feel blessed.

If salt can make the food tasty even with a small amount why shouldn't we try to give a little charity to the people who deserves to make OUR life good.

Because Allah Says. (Definition) He help those who help others.

In the last I will pray ! Have a Joyful Eid and


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We must pay some cash in this connection so that poor people are also able to enjoy this eid.

In Sha Allah. I hope every Muslim will think as we are trying to convey our message here and will In Sha Allah act as we said