Daughters Gifts Of Allah

Daughters Gifts Of Allah

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As salam O Alaikum.
Dear readers I am going to share a unique feelings of mine with you or you can say a special feeling of a father for his daughter.

Before that I want to tell you that if you have daughters , don't worry they are the treasures of Love and Blessings for you. According to Islamic teachings if you have even one daughter and you take care of her and then arrange her marriage and after that you also remains in touch with her. Muhammad SAW said (explanation) you are guaranteed to enter the Jan nah.

And in this world Allah will help you economically as well. So as I said you are lucky if you have daughters. And may Allah Bless you with Sons also.

The feeling I was going to share with you was this that whenever I get tired and bored of my work I take my mobile , See the photos of my daughter and believe me I feel that it's a refresher for me.
Sorry if you get bored of it but I were trying to convey a message through it.

Daughters are precious.

Photo . Taken from my personal album.

Cute baby, One must not consider daughters as a burden rather they are an unlimited source of blessing. They add happiness to one's life.

Ofcoarse Mykk. Daughters are the treasure of blessings and love. They must also treated with love. Will wait for your Guidance Mykk