Chapli Kabab

Chapli Kabab

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There are many varieties in Kababs but I love to eat Chapli Kabab.
Chapli Kabab is a round fried patty made from beef mince , onions , tomatoes, green chillies and salt with additional ingredients. It's a common and very famous traditional food of Pashtuns.

Nowadays you can find chapli Kabab almost in every Pakistani restaurant across the world but mostly it's served in Pakistan, Afghanistan and northern India. Rashakai Mardan and Taru Peshawar is famous for chapli Kabab not only in Pakistan but also worldwide.

Chapli Kabab is served with Naan and also salad have a good bond with it.

So if you got a chance to eat chapli Kabab this winter don't forget your families .

May Allah serve you with all his food blessings .

I prefer Chapali kebab with Khameeri Roti. A restaurant named ''Toot kaday'' (Mardan) is also famous when it comes to chapli kebabs. Did you visit that very Restaurant?

No till now I just visit Taru and Rashakai . I will try the mentioned resturant when I will come Pakistan. Insha Allah

Chapli kabab is very famous food in KPK .Toot Karay in Mardan and many other famous kabab shops in Mardan and Charsada KPK.